This October at High Point Market, we were proud to unveil an exciting new chapter in the ongoing collaboration between Rowe & Robin Bruce and some of today’s most influential voices in design. The Fall 2018 My Rowe Designers–Anissa Zajac (House Seven Design), Jessica Bennett & Suzanne Hall (Alice Lane Home), Leyla Jaworski & Whitney Rose (Design Shop Interiors)–were challenged to create a space that showcased their favorite aspects of the thousands of custom fabrics and frame designs in the Rowe & Robin Bruce lines.

Each design team offered their own unique vision of this project, and we’re excited to reveal their design now! Read on for more inspiration and project details from our My Rowe Designers!

House Seven

Anissa Zajac created an an atmosphere of charm and warmth in House Seven’s signature minimal, fresh style. Despite the open floor plan, her living space feels cozy and welcoming thanks to layers of globally-inspired textiles in a soothing, monochromatic palette. Dark wood meets light, airy upholstery in this space, while earthy neutrals–like a pair of Atticus Chairs in rich brown leather and twin Percy Ottomans in a sand-hued woven fabric–keep the look feeling warm and grounded. House Seven’s space is a relaxing oasis that invites visitors to sink into the nearest chair (we recommend the Lyra Chair, looking lovely in a bone white linen blend) and take comfort in this soothing global haven.

Anissa’s Inspiration

  • Moody, comfortable layers meet wide open minimalism
  • Monochromatic palette
  • Soothing, globally-inspired textures

Anissa drew her inspiration for this space from the minimal, contemporary lines of the Ellice Sofa and Ellice Lounger, seen here looking just right in chalk white Kidproof and a striking black patterned fabric. “I loved the clean lines of the Ellice lounger, and the upholstery options were versatile and limitless,” says Anissa. The designer paired Ellice with black & white accents in textured chenille and windowpane for a high-contrast look that commands attention.

“For my own personal aesthetic and the way that I like to design, Rowe was a really good fit. They offer so many products and a HUGE variety of fabrics to choose from, so it was basically limitless what I could do with the space. I’m really excited with how it turned out!”
~ Anissa Zajac

Our Furniture Featured in House Seven’s Showcase

Alice Lane Home Collection

Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall approach every Alice Lane Home project with a sense of worldly luxury infused with a fair amount of wit, and their My Rowe Design creation is no exception. For this project, the design duo playfully imagined “a Savannah divorcee with a prenup…and a score to settle!” A single piece–our Ivy Lane Queen Bed–formed the inspiration and foundation for this space. The designers began by imagining the bold contours and channel tufting of Ivy Lane in a striking white velvet, then dialed up the drama with walls in a rich raisin hue, accented by blush pink, charcoal, marble and antique brass. An emphasis on textured textiles–think luxurious wool, velvet and chenille–gives this space a tactile quality that invites guests to sink deeply into an ecru-upholstered Channing Sofa and savor a few sweet moments.

Jessica & Suzanne’s Inspiration

  • Playfully tailored for a dramatic, fictional character
  • Luxurious, upscale textiles lend a sense of romance
  • Bold color creates a vivid experience

The demure curves of a pair of Phoebe Chairs are a perfect match for the team’s choice of blush linen, creating a look that’s enticing and timeless. The romantic silhouette of our Bailey Chair adds an elegant element to their design story, inviting guests to experience comfort & style in this vintage-inspired space.

“There’s lots of little conversations happening [in the space], with the sofa setting and where the chairs are placed, it [tells] a really good story.” ~ Suzanne Hall

Our Furniture Featured in Alice Lane Home’s Showcase

Design Shop Interiors

Leyla Jaworski and Whitney Rose of Design Shop Interiors drew inspiration from natural materials in this space that’s equal parts chic downtown condo and outdoors-inspired bungalow. Our Bradford Slipcover Sofa makes a subtle statement in an ecru linen blend, while a pair of Miles Ottomans in rich brown leather adds an earthy note. Upscale flourishes such as a bold graphic wallpaper and brass & marble accents contrast with natural hemp and jute accents in a glam boho style that’s anything but rustic. A selection of neutral textiles in wool, cotton and jute rounds out this space with a layer of elegant softness.

Leyla & Whitney’s Inspiration

  • Adventurous, trend-forward design
  • Natural hemp & jute meets the upscale glamour of marble & brass
  • Playful layers of texture, print & materials keep it fun

Leyla and Whitney’s choice of a pair of Rothko Swivels in an olive green slipcover is a combination that feels style-forward, family-friendly, and effortlessly cool. “We were really drawn to the green color,” say the designers. “Mixing that olive green with leather and other natural elements gave our space a kind of ‘safari’ feel.” Our sleek swivels pair perfectly with understated olive green, the “it” neutral of the moment, for a look that’s organic and modern.

“I feel like we took our normal bohemian, California aesthetic and tried to put a little bit of a twist on it with the moodier materials.” ~ Leyla Jaworski

Our Furniture Featured in the Design Shop Interior’s Showcase