It’s your family’s gathering space, your host-with-the-most hub, and the first place you crash after a long day at the office—your sectional sofa does it all. Nothing works harder than this high-traffic, high-use piece of furniture, which is why it’s so important to choose the right style to suit your home, budget, and taste.

Inspired by the comfort and everyday elegance that sectional seating provides, we’ve rounded up five our very favorite sectional sofa. From modern and masculine to casual and cozy, each one of our sectional sofas are durable, versatile, and attractive. We hope one of these styles will catch your eye and spark your creative spirit!

Maddox Sofa

Lounging was the number one priority here and the Maddox Sectional Sofa has a deep seat that’s very comfortable.”
Claire Staszak, Centered by Design – Photo courtesy of Dustin Halleck

Fuller Sectional Sofa

City living suits the transitional Fuller Sectional Sofa. Upholstered in a soft grey fabric, this piece has weight and presence, adding instant warmth to a historic warehouse or loft apartment. For a touch of historic flair, add antiqued bronze accents and interesting lighting.

Fuller Sectional Sofa

Andee Sectional Sofa

The tailored silhouette of the Andee Sectional Sofa exudes a relaxed country home or in-town cottage feel. Its gently curved back is distinctly feminine, so we suggest accessorizing with soft floral prints and classic chinoiserie pottery.

Andee Sectional Sofa

Easton Track Arm Sectional Sofa

For a beachside bungalow, consider the Easton Track Arm Sectional Sofa. Upholstered in soft white linen, this sectional slipcover sofa is easy to care for and ideal for sandy beachgoers. All-natural materials like leather, jute, and unfinished wood complement an oceanfront, organic setting.

Claire Staszak, owner of Chicago-based interior design firm Centered by Design, believes “sectional sofas work well in casual family spaces…When you have an open-concept style room, they can help to anchor the space.”

Easton Sectional Sofa

Lauren Sectional Sofa 

Perfect for a cosmopolitan pied-à-terre, the Lauren Sectional Sofa is the answer to modern apartment seating. Covered in sophisticated charcoal fabric and surrounded by contemporary artwork, this piece invites conversation.

Lauren Sectional Sofa

Lyall Sectional Sofa 

Every busy modern family needs a beautiful place to gather. With deep seating, plush cushions, and rounded corners, the Lyall Sectional Sofa is a great choice for families. Worried about sticky fingers or accidental spills? Don’t be because our exclusive Kid Proof fabrics have you covered.

Lyall Sectional Sofa

Pro-Tip!  Master the Mix
For a completely custom look, mix-and-match different seating styles. A transitional sectional sofa can look terrific with a casual accent chair or a modern ottoman. Dare to be different, and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results of an unexpected pairing.

3 Steps for Sectional Success:

Our trusted team of in-house designers suggests these three important steps to complete before purchasing a sectional sofa.

  1.  Space Planning & Measurements
    Study the layout of your space, noting important doorways, windows, and closets that you will need to access. Next, take meticulous measurements and consider the natural flow of movement through the room. Will the piece rest against the wall or “float” in the center of the floor?
  2.  Create a Moodboard
    Consider the style of your home. It may be helpful to create a moodboard of furniture styles, fabrics, and design inspiration. Are there similar themes in the inspiration you have gathered? Is your style more transitional, casual, or modern? Get started with our Inspiration Gallery.
  3. Have Fun with Custom Elements
    Have you always loved velvet upholstery or brass nailhead trim? Look for a piece that fulfills your style wishlist while providing the utmost comfort and functionality. If you cannot find your dream sectional, choose from hundreds of frame, fabric, and finish combinations to design a custom-made piece using our designer-approved MyStyle program.

Pro-Tip! Cater to Your Audience
Before selecting a sectional sofa, observe the typical seating patterns of your family and closest friends. Do they prefer to sit straight-backed or fully reclined with extended legs? These preferences will help pinpoint important design features, like extra deep seating or a U-shaped frame.

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