Moody blues, true blues, blue as a summer sky…at Rowe, we love all variations of this evocative hue, and it seems the future is only looking brighter and brighter for the color blue. Sophisticated shades of cerulean, slate and navy have been showing up as fresh new trends in paint, wall coverings and accessories, just right for pairing with blue upholstery to create the ultimate serene space. Looking for some azure inspiration for your next custom furniture project? Rowe Furniture has dozens of blue fabric varieties to select from our nearly one thousand custom fabric options…you’re sure to find the blue that’s right for you!

Need a little more convincing before you’re singing the blues? As it turns out, blue is actually the world’s favorite color–and there’s plenty of science to back it up! Research dating as far back as 1941 shows that people tend to prefer bluish shades, and a 2017 British study concluded that a rich shade of teal was officially the “world’s favorite color.” The reasoning behind this preference? People favor colors that symbolize more positive associations than negative ones, and as it turns out, blue is overwhelmingly positive (so much for “having the blues”!). From pristine water to cloudless skies, blue symbolizes all that is clean and fresh in nature, making it a natural choice for our manmade interiors. Think of that the next time you’re relaxing in a soothing blue room!

Pro-Tips! 3 Ways to Design with Blue in Mind

Bold Blue: Neutrals have reigned supreme for several years now, but our Rowe design team is currently noticing a trend back toward bold, saturated colors. Instead of dark charcoal, black or espresso, consider a splash of dramatic navy or even deep cobalt for your next custom upholstery project–as we’re always saying, navy is the new black! These moody blues pair perfectly with delicate pastels such as blush, cantaloupe and mint.

Royal Hue: Historically, blue dyes and pigments were among the priciest to come by, leading to their long association with royalty. We love to see this luxe look updated for the 21st century by pairing rich, saturated cobalts and ceruleans with plush fabrics such as velvet and silk–and don’t forget plenty of mixed metal finishes to add regal sparkle & shine!

Fresh & New: Pale shades of blue look airy and fresh, whether it’s a robin’s egg hue or the iciest light sky blue. Pairing fabrics in these softer colors with other nature-inspired shades like sandy taupe, cloud grey or leaf green can infuse a space with a breath of fresh, outdoorsy air!

Designer Spotlight – Elizabeth Erin Designs

Elizabeth Erin Designs

Designer Jodi Peterman was delighted to discover our new fabric offerings at market, selecting a sky-inspired shade to pair with our Stardust Dining Chairs for a look that’s truly out of this world. The resulting dining space, created as part of the 2017 Des Moines Home Show, combines natural elements like greenery and live-edge wood with a touch of sophistication and polish. We caught up with the designer to get the details on this stunning space and how it came to be.

“We were at market, and our rep showed us the new fabrics that had such fantastic color and texture. We found a few of our favorite fabrics, and knew with everyone painting their walls a light color, these chairs would become a focal point of any space! The upholstery definitely inspired the direction of the project…we couldn’t wait to use them!”

We’re delighted to hear that Jodi and the design team at Elizabeth Erin Designs are longtime fans of Rowe! “We do enjoy selecting Rowe and Robin Bruce pieces for our design clients, as well as building our staging inventory,” says the designer. “The frames are modern yet classic, and the fabric library has such great variety to choose from! Not to mention the kid and pet-friendly fabrics that our clients are LOVING!”

Jodi Peterman, Owner/Designer, Elizabeth Erin Designs

Designer Spotlight – Sandi Loreen Duclos Interiors

Sandi Loreen Duclos InteriorsDesigner Sandi Loreen Duclos was inspired to combine a striking blue design with the instantly recognizable silhouette of our Times Square Chairs. Pairing these show-stopping chairs with an indigo-hued vintage rug resulted in a daring, fashionable look that makes dramatic use of a deep blue palette.

“The story for this dynamic space was built around a pair of custom Times Square Chairs covered in a bold Greek key fabric from Robin Bruce,” says Sandi. “With a proven history of quality, Rowe and Robin Bruce remain my go-to for classic and beautiful furniture for my clients.  Gorgeous fabrics combined with timeless designs, Rowe products are the basis for many of my designs!”

Sandi Loreen Duclos, Owner/Designer, Sandi Loreen Duclos Interiors