This season, we’re going BIG with a Bold Boho trend that’s sure to turn some heads. We’re taking a modernized approach to vintage style, blending artisanal textiles with unexpected uses of color in a saturated palette. Inspired by some of our favorite Rowe & Robin Bruce frames, this look imagines a curated space inhabited by an art collector with a sense of global wanderlust, bringing together refined taste and a traveler’s lifestyle in perfect harmony. The result is a 70s-inspired, multicultural look that’s anything but understated. If you love making a bold statement with plenty of contrast, this look is perfect for you!

Boho Style Family Room

A palette of rich colors is essential, bringing together shades of deep rust, emerald and bottle green, slate and charcoal, accented by understated neutrals such as natural woods, brushed brass and warm leather. We love the contrast between angular frames such as our mid century lounge-inspired Bergen Chair and Juno Ottoman alongside the handmade, organic shapes of the lighting and accessories. Fabrics inspired by the textiles of far-flung locales complement the geometric forms of our line of occasionals, like the Relic End Table and Matrix Side Table, to perfection. Finally, bold abstract artwork draws attention to the lush solid hues displayed on our upholstered pieces, creating eye-catching areas of color that delight the senses.

Bold Boho Style Family Room

Pro-Tip: 3 Ways to Go BOLD!

  • Punchy Palette – Splashes of bittersweet red, vibrant green and luxurious gold set the tone for this look, along with dramatic dark tones like deep charcoal and slate. Warm neutrals such as ivory, medium-toned wood, and caramel allow these rich hues the space to shine, smoothing the edges between these contrasting colors.
  • Maximum Pattern – The 70s are back, and looking more modern than ever in 2019! Take some vintage-inspired direction from patterns like chunky stripes, batik and medallion designs, and abstract brushstroke fabrics for a fun retro twist!
  • Global Mix – Create an intriguing, well-traveled narrative for your space by bringing together woven baskets from Africa, natural minerals and stones, and found objects like rustic glass vessels

Boho Bedroom

Designer Inspiration:

Atticus Chair Pencil Shavings

Smooth, caramel-colored leather gives our Atticus Chair a cool, 70s “hip leather jacket” vibe, for a retro-inspired space by Pencil Shavings Studio that feels equally laidback and chic. A vibrant kilim brightens up the space with a little worldly flair, and the fresh, grassy green velvet on our Nolan Chair looks just right next to those green throw pillows.

Products Featured

Atticus Chair

Nolan Chair


Instagram  @pencilshavings

Our Madeline Sofa was born to be a star, and this playful bohemian look by Black Chalk Home & Laundry proves it. Even nestled in layers of pattern, Madeline’s clean lines and inviting bench cushion seat shine as the standout of the space. The eclectic mix of textiles and quirky, colorful artwork make this a bold boho space to remember!

Product Featured

Madeline Sofa


Instagram  @blackchalkhomeandlaundry

Madeline Sofa by Black Chalk Home and Laundry

Brooke Chaise by French and French Interiors

The luxurious Brooke Chaise from Robin Bruce is an absolute style chameleon, whose classic lines and elegant simplicity make her look at home in every setting, including this quirky Santa Fe abode by French and French Interiors. The choice of a rich green in a space full of warm Southwestern colors makes the Brooke Chaise a visual focal point, even among abundant patterns like the layered textiles and the gorgeous, weaving-inspired graphic on the adobe kiva fireplace.

Product Featured

Brooke Chaise


Instagram  @frenchandfrenchinteriors

Pro-Tip! Perfect Palette:

 A bold palette of rich, warm hues sets the mood for this attention-grabbing style, including shades of deep jade, bittersweet, carbon and coral. The overall look is playful yet sophisticated, highlighting areas of bright color without overwhelming the space with too much contrast. Muted metallics such as brushed brass really pop against this vibrant palette.

Boho Fabrics Swatches

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