Sustainable. Versatile. Beautiful. No matter which of these words speaks more to you, we think you’ll love all these qualities in our Boden Sofa. In keeping with our green philosophy and our sustainability-driven EcoRowe initiative, we designed the Boden Sofa by Robin Bruce with wellness in mind. Our partnership with Milliken using their eco-elegant Breathe by Milliken® performances fabrics is a perfect fit to showcase the versatility of Boden, which is equally at home in a sophisticated setting as it is in the kind of high-traffic area that demands durable performance upholstery. Boden is available in chic tailored upholstery or a casual slipcover and can, like so many of our Rowe offerings, can be customized with fabric, details and more to create an aesthetic that’s truly your own. We partnered with Los Angeles-based interior designer Lindsey Borchard (Lindsey Brooke Design) to see her interpretation of our Boden Sofa’s style, in an airy California-inspired space that showcases the sofa’s casual organic feel.

Lindsey BrookeLindsey’s signature style often mixes earthy textures with bold textiles, frequently pulling inspiration from her beautiful coastal California surroundings. “California casual mixed with a contemporary classic style” is how the designer describes her style, which often juxtaposes curated vintage finds with contemporary elements. Her soft and utterly inviting sitting area is centered around the clean, modern lines of the Boden Sofa, which seems to “float” effortlessly above the wooden floor on its elevated legs of light cerused oak. This adds to the airy appeal of the space, which is also drenched in sunlight from a large window…making this seating area the perfect place to read, recline or take a midday nap! The space is richly layered in eclectic textiles in a soothing palette that references the surf, sandstone and flora of the nearby landscape. “We like using neutral color palettes for our base and then bringing in the colors with accents like textiles, art and accessories,” says Lindsey. The light neutral upholstery of the Boden Sofa complements the unique textiles and pillows like a chic white frame around art in a gallery, highlighting their beauty while subtly remaining in the spotlight. 

When it comes to clients, Lindsey tends to work with young active families or frequent entertainers, and created this space imagining “any family that likes to really live in their spaces and really enjoy their home.” The casual softness of the Breathe performance fabric is balanced by the refined oak frame, for a style that suits both family time and party time. “I love the casual feel of the oversized back pillows,” says the designer, “and the structure of the sofa makes it good for a really casual space or even a more formal one.” Finally, one of her favorite things about the Boden sofa is its scale — “just deep enough to be able to really sink in without feeling like you’re getting eaten by a sofa!”

Photography Credit: Public 311

Pro-Tips: How Lindsey Designs with Wellness in Mind

  • I want our spaces to evoke all senses — from the fabric we are choosing for a sofa down to the scent of the candle on the coffee table — so that it’s not only appealing to the eyes but to the touch and smell of the room as well. Being able to enjoy a space fully knowing it was curated just for you and the way you live is priceless.
  • We get so much inspiration from our California coastline, so using organic materials, heavy textures, and neutral color palettes that remind people of the relaxing oceans and mountains that surround them helps make our designs relaxing for our clients.
  • We really get to know our clients, the type of people they are, what they like to do, to eat, and what activities they enjoy so that we can make the best space for them. We create not only a place to relax in but laugh, create memories, and promote good mental health. I take great honor and pride that we aren’t just placing pretty things in a room but making a safe, beautiful and functional home for their family.

Lindsey’s Top 3 Things to Love About Sustainability

  • It’s becoming more and more mainstream, and it’s not so hard to find good, organic, eco-conscious products for the home at all price points.
  • Making small changes around your home to make it better for your health AND planet is always a good feeling.
  • Responsible design can be accomplished in so many small ways, and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. From the fabric you choose for your sofa to the candle you burn, there are many ways to have eco-friendly design in the home. 

Why Lindsey Loves Performance Fabrics 

“I have small kids and take pride in my home and style. I do not want to compromise design for functionality. I love that I don’t have to yell at my kids to be careful with our furniture and we can actually LIVE in them. There are so many reasons to love performance fabric but the peace of mind is my number one!”

Why Lindsey Loves Rowe

“I love the customization with each piece, so the possibilities are endless! They really have a style for everyone and a HUGE assortment of fabrics to choose from. Rowe is great because the quality is there at a really great price point.” 

Designed with Wellness in Mind — Get the Feeling!