As spring’s pastels and summer’s bold, punchy hues melt into fall’s rich palettes, we love looking ahead to what’s coming next in the world of design. What color combinations of Rowe custom fabrics can we expect to see this autumn and winter? We checked in with some of our favorite designers — all of whom love incorporating Rowe and Robin Bruce custom upholstered furniture into their inspired designs — for a little taste of where they’ve been this year, and where they’re headed. Read on for the inside scoop from five top designers on what color palettes we’ll be seeing lots more of for next season and beyond…

Amy’s Color Forecast for 2020 and Beyond…

Lindsey Swivel Chair

Featured: Lindsay Swivel Chair
Design: Interior Impressions
Amy Leferink, Principal Designer

I’ve been loving indigo blues and navy tones forever. They haven’t seemed to fade in popularity, and I think it’s because they also work well with so many different colors. They’re almost a neutral. I love using navy with gray and white for a fresh, coastal vibe.

Greige (gray meets beige) has been the term for the past year and we’ve been using it as a favorite neutral backdrop for wall colors. It has a chameleon effect and tends to pull either warm or cool tones from its environment, which also makes it very complimentary to a multitude of colors. Greige goes with everything. I like to use it as a softer backdrop for a palette of rich, deep colors such as emerald green, deep blues, and rust tones.

Another palette I’ve been using a lot this year is black and white with spring green. Black & white is so classic and adding a pop of fresh, bright green really sets the tone for a happy space! This year (especially), anything we can do to make our homes feel fresh, bright and happy is a step in the right direction.

Favorite Timeless Color?

Linen. There’s something so soft and calming about a linen white. It compliments pretty much every color in the rainbow!

Top 3 Color Palettes of 2020

  • Deep blues
  • Greige & rich colors
  • Black, white & spring green

Interior Impression Color Trends of 2020

Top 3 Color Palettes for Next Season

  • Natural yellows, blues & reds
  • Rust, gold & sage
  • Mustard, blue, pink & green

Interior Impression Color Trends of 2021

Asha’s Color Forecast for 2020 and Beyond…

Lyra Chair

Featured: Lyra Chair
Mood Board: Asha-Maía Design
Asha M Maxey, Owner & Designer

The color palettes that I’ve used the most in 2020 are ones that have utilized blues as a focal point, also deep luxe teals and layered neutral palettes. I believe that blue is also a timeless color choice. It’s like a good pair of blue jeans, you can wear them with really anything, jeans overall never go out of style. And that is how I feel about a good blue!

Beiges are finding their way back to the scene. I’m not really into beige on walls yet, but I love it in soft goods, bedding, and even cabinetry. We’ll definitely be seeing it a lot more in the coming seasons. Rusts and coppers also seem to be colors we’ll be seeing more of, but in upholstery and fabrics. A palette I’m dying to work with is deep sage and other luxe greens.

Favorite Timeless Color? 

White! White is timeless and it truly goes with everything. White is classic and sets the canvas for great design. It is airy, bright, fresh, and with it comes a purity and renewal. No matter where we find ourselves with design, we always seem to make our way back to white. And when you think back to those designs that have stood the test of time, many of them utilize white.

Top 3 Color Palettes of 2020

  • Blues
  • Teals
  • Neutrals

Asha-Maía Design Color Trends of 2020

Top 3 Color Palettes for Next Season

  • Beige
  • Rust & copper
  • Deep sage & luxe greens

Asha-Maía Design Color Trends of 2021

Staci’s Color Forecast for 2020 and Beyond…

Stardust Dining Chairs

Featured: Stardust Dining Chairs
Design: Studio Steidley
Staci Steidley, Owner & Principal Designer

We have many clients asking for serene and calming spaces, and since they can’t go on that beach vacation, they are asking to have a palette reminding them of the beach. So whites, light tan, with multiple shades of blue has been very popular.

We have also had clients that just want “happy” spaces! So pops of bright colors and fun prints in both fabric and art are very popular right now.

Of course, we have been doing quite a few home offices too! These spaces have seen more rich color palettes than in the past. Camel, cream, charcoal and black mixed with loads of texture and wood tones are seeing a major comeback.

I love the dramatic greens that we are seeing in living spaces and kitchens. I would love to do a brass, hunter green and natural white oak kitchen extending that into the living spaces with yummy soft fabrics that are complimenting the color scheme. I think the idea of bringing the outdoors in will keep going strong next year and injecting these spaces with houseplants that are good for our health and well being will be important to clients as well.

Neutrals will continue to be strong next year, but they will show up in warmer tones. Creams, beige, gold, camel and warm whites will give a sense of peace to those who want to have luxurious and calming interiors.

Blues are still strong! We are seeing some beautiful new soft blues and blue-greens taking a new spin with prints that have fun patterns and we love to pair them with an unexpected color like citrine, or tangerine. It is a colorful and crisp palette that looks very fresh!

Favorite Timeless Color?

In my opinion, black is never going out of style. You can use just a tad to ground a room, or use it en masse to create dramatic and moody spaces. You can pair it with a bright color and some beautiful textural elements, knowing that you will have a level of sophistication. Add a bit of black piping to a chair and you have an instant “wow” piece of furniture in your room!

Top 3 Color Palettes of 2020

  • White, neutrals & blues
  • Bright colors & prints
  • Camel, cream & charcoal

Studio Steidley Color Trends of 2020

Top 3 Color Palettes for Next Season

  • Hunter green, brass & light wood
  • Warm neutrals like cream, beige & gold
  • Blues, citrine & tangerine

Studio Steidley Color Trends of 2021

Madison’s Color Forecast for 2020 and Beyond…

Laney Slipcover Chair

Featured: Laney Slipcover Chair
Design: Madison Nicole Design
Madison Lussier, Owner & Designer

We’ve been using a lot of chameleon colors — ones that change appearance depending on the lighting and time of day. The chalky blue-grays, blue-greens, and warm taupe grays have been my go-tos. They just make rooms feel like they have more life! I think they leave room for interpretation…what one person describes as green will look more blue to someone else, and that’s part of the beauty of it.

We’ve already begun to see the shift towards warmer, moody, earth-toned colors. I think with everything going on in the world, people are searching for ways to feel more grounded in their own homes, and they’re doing that by opting for that organic look, with colors that are found in nature. You’ll see fewer cool grays and whites, and warmer colors like terra cotta, dusty blues, and olive greens more often. I’m dying to design a kitchen with the perfect shade of earthy green! Who’s ready?!

Favorite Timeless Color?

It’s hard to go wrong with varying tones of blue. Just like a good pair of denim jeans, it’s the unsung neutral that never goes out of style.

Top 3 Color Palettes of 2020

  • Blue gray
  • Blue green
  • Warm taupe

Madison Nicole Design Color Trends of 2020

Top 3 Color Palettes for Next Season

  • Terra cotta
  • Dusty blue
  • Olive green

Madison Nicole Design Color Trends of 2021

Carissa’s Color Forecast for 2020 and Beyond…

Sylvie Slipcover Sofa

Featured: Sylvie Slipcover Sofa
Design: CC + Mike
Carissa Miller, Owner & Designer

Black and white paired with warm and natural wood tones is what I’ve used the most in 2020!

I’m loving rust for fall and am also excited to work with some green tones — both light and dark greens in some upcoming projects! I’ve loved seeing even some kitchens painted in shades of green — so pretty!

Favorite Timeless Color?


Top 3 Color Palettes of 2020

  • Black
  • White
  • Warm neutrals

CC + Mike Color Trends of 2020

Top 3 Color Palettes for Next Season

  • Rust
  • Light greens
  • Dark greens

CC + Mike Color Trends of 2021