Few pieces of furniture are more personal than a bed — after all, it’s where we start every day and end every evening. An ideal way to personalize this space to the fullest is by designing around an upholstered custom headboard, a perfect way to bring individual style into a space. We have multiple frame styles available which can be combined with our many fabric options to create literally hundreds of possibilities. Unlike natural wood or metal options, upholstered headboards are available in any color or pattern imaginable, and lend an upscale boutique hotel or romantic boudoir vibe to a bedroom. For those who change decor often, making the switch can be as easy as ordering a new headboard, with no need to replace the entire bed. Whether it’s a dramatic boudoir effect, fresh hip look or a feeling of comfortable chic, custom upholstered headboards are a designer’s best tool to create a deeply personal and relaxing space.

Three Reasons to Design with a Custom Headboard

Classic Sophistication Custom Headboards

Do you love a sense of high drama and fashion in your bedroom? A deeply tufted headboard looks and feels incredibly luxurious. When it comes to fabric, soft styles and touchable textures like velvet or chenille provide a romantic boudoir effect. Our expertly upholstered headboards make a room feel tailored and polished, like a chic ensemble. Additionally, a fully upholstered custom headboard dampens sound and creates a cozy, enveloping ambiance of softness that turns any bedroom into a restful escape from the world. Pair with:

  • Dark, rich wall colors
  • Furniture that invites lounging, like a chaise or upholstered bench
  • Plenty of mirrors to enhance the boudoir effect

Sensual Sophistication Headboard Fabrics

Fresh & Fun Custom Headboards

Whether you want to add a pop of unexpected color or a splash of pattern, a covered headboard is the perfect opportunity to inject a little extra life into a space. A headboard creates a strong visual focal point that anchors the room, and when combined with a very striking fabric can even take the place of a piece of artwork. Try a patterned wall with a contrasting pattern on your custom headboard, and enjoy the sense of high drama! Pair with:

  • Bold, oversized artwork
  • Graphic wallcovering or textiles
  • Vibrant paint color

Fresh & Fun Headboard Fabrics

Comfort Craving Custom Headboards

ttention night owls, upholstered options are the most comfortable headboards around, so rest easy knowing you can relax on one of these for hours during up-all-night reading or work sessions. Go ahead and binge-watch Netflix in comfort, since upholstered headboards provide plenty of back support for those who like to sit up. For an easygoing, comfortable lifestyle, choose a fabric such as leather or one of our stain resistant Kid Proof furniture options that are easy or dust or wipe clean. Do you live in a cold climate? Combined with a soft and sturdy fabric choice, headboards can even provide warmth on chilly evenings. Pair with:

  • Plenty of pillows
  • Luxurious down comforter
  • Furniture that increases the coziness factor, like a deep armchair

Comfort Craving Headboard Fabrics

Interior Designer Style

Our looks serene in a light earth-tone fabric against a blue wallcovering, and the button tufting on the custom headboard subtly mirrors the size and placement of the small knobs on the nightstand — just the kind of small detail we love! A hint of sparkle from the nailhead trim ties in nicely with the understated metallic accents in the space, for a look that’s relaxed with a hint of glam.

Hamilton Bed

The sleek lines of our Irving Park Bed provide the perfect canvas for a bold botanical print, which balances the plain pillows with a punchy pattern exactly the way an extra-large throw pillow would. It’s also a great opportunity to add an additional layer of softness in the form of a draped canopy, for a space that’s organic and inviting.

Irving Park Bed

The beautiful blue seen here on our  is the strongest hue in this room where understated color abounds — from the walls to the ceiling! We love the way the soothing blue fabric perfectly echoes the blues found in the wallcovering directly behind it, and everything is tied together in a cool, subtle lilac color. This room by designer Laura Hildebrandt feels like an elegant garden that invites you to take a long, luxurious nap.

Kirkwood Bed

This is a fun, quirky space that relies on pattern rather than color to make a bold statement. We love the way designer Julie Paulino took theand dialed up the drama by extending the striped fabric from the bed ruffle all the way to ceiling height! It accentuates the outer contours of the Fisher, and functions as a beautiful frame does for a piece of art — calling attention to the beauty of this custom headboard!

Fisher Headboard