“I must have flowers, always, and always.”
– Claude Monet

Everything’s coming up florals! What makes flower prints such a “perennial” favorite? Simply put, they make us feel good! It’s a well-documented scientific fact that flowers have a positive effect on human emotions, encouraging relaxation and bliss. Our eyes and brains are wired to equate florals with beauty and happiness, which means flowers are always in season!

At Rowe, we offer nearly a thousand custom furniture fabrics to choose from, and dozens of these are floral options. Looking to add a little traditional charm to a space? Swoon-worthy romantic floral chintz featuring gardenias, peonies and poppies will take you right down the garden path. If you dream in all the colors of an artist’s palette, we’ve got watercolor-inspired foliage and blooms that will inspire your custom furniture creation. Does your style lean more toward contemporary? Graphic, modern minimalist flowers deliver bold, punchy color that still feels organic. From painterly brushstroke styles to crisp floral damask, we’ve got every look imaginable in the Rowe Furniture catalog of fabrics, so start dreaming up your own floral fantasy today! Read on for more tips & tricks on styling with nature’s happiest patterns…

Parker Kennedy Living

My Rowe Designers Bring the Outdoors In:

Our My Rowe Designers, Lance Jackson and David Ecton of Parker Kennedy created a little slice of floral heaven at April High Point market with their garden-inspired space. Large botanical prints, latticed walls and flowery pillows provide the perfect setting for our rose-hued Brette Sofa, including just enough of a floral flourish to create an indoor garden paradise. Stay tuned for a full project reveal of the Parker Kennedy design in the coming weeks!

“The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Furniture with Floral Fabric

Pro-Tips! 3 Ways to Bring in the Blossoms:

Chair with Floral Fabric

1. Use Nature’s Palette – A little bit of print can go a long way! If you’re looking to keep your design simple, choose just one statement floral print for the most important piece (an awesome accent chair, a striking sofa, etc) in a room. Then, supplement that piece with colors inspired by the flowers in the print: petal pink, spring leaf green, deep mauve, whatever’s in season. Your space will feel as vibrant as a garden in springtime, without too many competing patterns!

2. More is More – For those who have seen enough of minimalist style over the last few seasons, the opposite approach can be equally thrilling. Florals are back in vogue in the world of wall coverings, artwork and accessories, too, so feel free to experiment. Try layering pattern on pattern (and even mix in some floral arrangements and lush tropical houseplants) for an over-the-top maximalist look that knows no bounds!

3. Go Green – Technically speaking, “floral” style isn’t only limited to buds and blooms–we love a print that shows off the beauty of foliage, too! We especially love the tropical feel of crisp, modern banana leaves on a blush ground, for a transitional look that’s at home almost anywhere.

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.” – Oscar Wilde