Sita MontgomerySita Montgomery is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based interior designer known for fresh color choices and an expert’s touch at mixing pattern and texture. A 2018 My Rowe Designer (get another peek at Sita’s My Rowe Design Inspiration), Sita was drawn to the versatility of the thousands of options in the Rowe and Robin Bruce lines, blending them effortlessly into her signature New Traditional style. Mixing traditional elements with sleek modern lines and upholstery, Sita created a relaxing oasis for My Rowe Design that welcomes guests with ease, without sacrificing elegance and grace. We’re excited to share Sita’s most recent project reveal, a new home build that is her family’s main residence and “dream home,” in which she showcased many of our favorite Rowe selections in the stunning living room and family room loft. Read on for more on Sita’s elegant “inland coastal” inspiration, and all the design details from the project!

Timeless Elegance

Sita’s source of creativity often flows from the world around her, whether it’s found in real life or behind the glow of a screen. “I find design inspiration everywhere and in everything,” she says, “but I think the variety of beautiful design that is now shared on social media has become a major source of inspiration for me.” The designer’s greatest strength is in balancing beauty with function, creating spaces that are as classic as they are current.

On her design style…

“I think the best 3 words to design my design style are, Elegant, Comfortable and Timeless.”

“It has always been difficult for me to put a label on my design style,” says Sita, “but I do feel that my designs are all threaded with a bit of femininity.” Narrowing her style down to just three words, the designer settled on “elegant, comfortable and timeless.” Her greatest joy is in creating beautiful and livable spaces, ones which she knows families will enjoy for many years.

Behind the Design: Sita’s Creative Process

Any project of Sita’s begins with one of three essential items:

  • A gorgeous piece of art
  • A fabric that appeals to her senses
  • A unique rug that catches her eye

“The first piece I selected for the living room was the piece of art which hangs over the mantel,” says the designer, who initially spotted it at market a few seasons ago. “I loved the colors and movement in the piece,” she continues, “and I knew I wanted it to be a focal point in my home.” Though she tailors each client project to suit individual personalities and tastes, Sita’s personal style leans toward serene neutrals with subtle hints of color, and this space is a true reflection of that aesthetic. In selecting the perfect Rowe pieces to outfit her living room and family room, Sita says, “I chose to keep the sofa upholstery light and neutral and accent it with pillows in a variety of soft colors and subtle patterns.”

Project Spotlight: Inland Coastal Living Room & Family Room Loft

In this spacious living room, the designer wanted to create an elegant oasis for both restful moments and social gatherings. “This space was created from the desire to provide my family with a sanctuary in the center of our home,” says Sita. A neutral and calming palette of furnishing, paint and textiles helps to strike the soothing tone she was after. A large rug in subtly animal-inspired spots and a round marble-topped table help to ground the space, framing the designer’s Rowe selections and creating an ideal space for conversation.

The classic contours of our Savannah Sofa feel right at home in this beautiful space, which perfectly embodies the line between traditional and modern. Sita was drawn to our Savannah Sofa for a variety of reasons, including the low profile and slim, slightly flared arms. “I also love the single cushion seat,” she says, “which gives the piece a tailored look while keeping the comfort factor.” An Ellice Lounger in a soft sand color provides a restful spot for family time, as well as additional seating when guests come to visit. “The lounger allowed me to have another large piece in the room,” she adds, “without obstructing the view out of the glass doors at the back of the house.” The Ellice Lounger has become everyone’s favorite spot in the house, says Sita, who often finds one or another member of her family napping on it! Ultimately, Sita says, “[the living room] is a place for our family to sit and relax or gather with others.”

Upstairs in the family room loft, a Derby Sectional Sofa in soft grey is the centerpiece of the room. The family room serves a multifunctional space, says Sita, who often finds her children doing homework or playing games at the round table, or else watching tv with friends or “just lounging”….all on the sturdy & comfortable Derby! Sita’s cool, coastally-inspired palette and elegant yet family-friendly accessories bring the room into focus as the social center of the home.

Sita Montgomery Loft

Find it at Rowe & Robin Bruce

Savannah Sofa
Traditional meets contemporary, with a comfortable sofa with a bench seat.Savannah Sofa

Ellice Lounger
A family favorite that offers extra seating and fits the space perfectly.
Ellice Lounger

Derby Sectional
Comfort meets style, this classic sectional sofa from our Lounge Collection is generously proportioned for the whole family.
Derby Sectional Sofa

Pro-Tips! Why Sita Chooses Rowe

Endless Options:“Rowe checks all the boxes for me, when sourcing pieces for my clients projects as well as for my personal use. The beauty and quality of their pieces is apparent, and Rowe’s range of products allows me to find pieces that work for any client and project. Whether designing a traditional home or a modern mountain retreat, I can turn to Rowe to find the right upholstery pieces. I love that each piece can be customized with upholstery and finished that compliment my design vision.”

Family Friendly Style: “One of my favorite things about Rowe is their focus on providing durable, family-friendly upholstery options. As a designer who primarily designs for families with children, the ability to source upholstery pieces that are beautiful and kid-friendly is invaluable. Rowe’s Kid Proof Fabric options allow me to choose practical pieces without compromising design and style.”