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Designer Inspiration

Trends may come and go, but the most enduring furnishings are the ones that can blend seamlessly with any style. Our versatile Sylvie Sofa from Robin Bruce is truly the “little black dress” of seating–whether you’re a mid century mod lover, a romantic, or an elegant traditionalist, the Sylvie is your go-to choice! This season, we’re celebrating #MySylvieStyle through the eyes of four of our favorite designers. See how Erika Ward, Erin Wheeler of Sunny Circle Studio, Kristen Forgione of The LifeStyled Company, and Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design each interpret their own Sylvie style and create a unique space based around the clean contours and versatility of this sofa. Each designer brings their own signature look to the project, highlighting the way in which Sylvie can truly blend effortlessly with any interior design style.

Erin Wheeler's #MySylvieStyle

Erin Wheeler’s #MySylvieStyle

Erin’s Sylvie Style: Relaxed, family-friendly and modern

Next in our series of features is Erin Wheeler of Sunny Circle Studio, whose clean and modern aesthetic includes a nod to traditional style, the perfect complement to the Sylvie’s combination of modern lines and classic style. Erin’s style is inspired by light, airy Scandinavian design, and often includes a few vintage elements to add personality and soul. Her My Sylvie Style space showcases all these elements perfectly, combining light walls with light wood and white shelves, and including a whimsical gallery of vintage-inspired artwork that adds a lighthearted tone. This sitting area is friendly and stylish, inviting guests to relax in the soft contours of the Sylvie sofa.

I love the Sylvie’s clean lines and modern shape (not to mention it’s the comfiest sofa ever!) and how it’s versatile enough to complement any and all styles.

Erin began her design around Sylvie’s upholstery in a soft white fabric by InsideOut, layering in texture and color with an assortment of pillows in stripes and checks. Her choice of pillows in this collection is deliberate, ranging slightly in size from large to small. When dressing a sofa to impress, her advice is to always choose the right size pillows. “Start with a standard size, a 22 or 24-inch pillow at the back,” she suggests, “then level down to smaller sizes.” An oversized white rug in a subtle, Moroccan-inspired pattern adds additional texture and an inviting sense of softness, and draws the eye right back up to the Sylvie sofa.

Erin’s approach to this space begins with tons of touchable texture. Begin with throw pillows, she suggests, but also layer in other textiles to maximize coziness. Drape a throw across the sofa to add a casual lived-in look, she suggests, or put it on display on a storage ladder (like this handcrafted Indonesian beauty from The Citizenry, seen here). A woven rattan pendant adds a touch of light & organic Scandinavian design, rounding out this eclectic space perfectly. Finally, Erin suggests, finish off a room with a few well-placed bits of greenery, since “plants add life and color and are never a bad idea!” Our Sylvie sofa shines brightly as the centerpiece of the room, surrounded by the designer’s many layered accents that create a space that anyone could call home. Erin’s My Sylvie Style look feels as versatile as our Sylvie sofa, combining chic modern simplicity with warmth and charm to create a family & pet friendly space that feels effortless and relaxed.

Get This Look:

  • Play with pattern
  • Layer in texture
  • Breathe in some life with greenery

Why Erin Loves InsideOut Fabric

“I love that I no longer need to worry about stains and mess on our sofa, which is huge relief with young kids and pets!”

Anissa Zajac My Sylvie Style

Anissa Zajac’s #MySylvieStyle

Anissa’s Sylvie Style: Modern, minimal and comfortable

Next in our series of features is Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design, whose fresh & streamlined aesthetic combines beauty with practicality, providing a perfect framework for Sylvie’s modern lines and durable InsideOut performance fabric. Anissa’s Sylvie Style strikes that delicate balance between elegant and comfortable, pairing chic brass and a stately medallion rug with informal greenery, light wood tones and large throw pillows. This sitting room space is the perfect place for a friendly chat, or a relaxing oasis for an afternoon nap!

Anissa dressed the Sylvie sofa in a soft white fabric by InsideOut, choosing to add texture with a selection of neutral throw pillows in abstract, globally-inspired patterns. A distressed rug in navy and soft pastels adds a touch of color to the soothing space, drawing the eye right up to our sofa with its intricate design. A pair of retro modern-style lounge chairs, coffee table, and string of oversized beads add a wood element to the room that continues the warm, neutrally-toned palette.

In this space, contrast is a subtle but consistent presence. Floor to ceiling wall trim adds architectural interest to the space and creates a strong background for the Sylvie sofa. A boxy coffee table, simple circular mirror and slim floor lamp provide a structured contrast to the sofa. This highlights the softness of Sylvie, from the welcoming bench cushion seat to the plump side and back cushions that invite relaxation. Anissa’s My Sylvie Style look feels as versatile as our Sylvie sofa, combining modern comfort with elegant details to create a family friendly space that feels timeless and chic.

Get This Look:

  • Add texture with pillows & throws
  • Create dimension in the room with trim work
  • Add a rug to make the Sylvie sofa stand out

Why Anissa Loves InsideOut Fabric

“InsideOut is excellent for families with young children and pets. It allows you to have the light and natural colors that you want without worrying about stains and dirt.”

Kristen Forgione #MySylvieStyle

Kristen Forgione’s #MySylvieStyle

Kristen’s Sylvie Style: Versatile, clean & durable

Next in our series of features is Kristen Forgione of The LifeStyled Company (also known as LCo Design), whose crisp but easy going style provides an ideal setting for Sylvie’s modern silhouette and Rowe WearProof washable slipcover. “My Sylvie Style is ‘organic desert living,’ LCo’s signature aesthetic,” Kristen says. “The Sylvie sofa has clean lines that create a juxtaposition with the slipcover skirt, offering a modern take on a traditional classic.” This relaxed sitting area featuring Sylvie as a focal point, is a perfect example of Kristen’s warm, natural style. “I especially love the Sylvie Sofa in this light and neutral tone,” says the designer, “because it can complement and balance any space, while being versatile enough for any of our design concepts!” Kristen chose a cozy tasseled throw in wide tan and white stripes to pair with the sofa’s creamy white performance fabric, as well as rustic wood elements and a selection of large pillows.

Adding soft touches like textiles creates an inviting feel in the space. “With a neutral color upholstery you can change the look up as often as you want with throws and pillows,” says Kristen. In this case, the designer selected a throw from the LifeStyled Company shop and placed it on the seat of the couch, rather across the back or draped over the arm. “It instantly invites you to the space and adds depth to the piece,” Kristen explains. She achieved her signature layered style by adding pillows in various sizes and complementary colors such as sand and desert sky blues, while working in subtly coordinating prints that tie in the throw.

Accompanying Sylvie are a pair of laidback wood and rattan lounge chairs in a warm ebony hue, providing a welcome pop of dark contrast to the lighter tones. A whimsical hat collection adds charm and personality to the space, as well as a three-dimensional element to the walls. A rustic wood bench and large vintage wooden ladles propped casually in a basket add to the eclectic & “collected” feeling. “Bring in texture with baskets and items that have a vintage or aged feel,” suggests Kristen, “to instantly center your new sofa in place, and make it feel like a tried and true, comfortable favorite!” Kristen’s My Sylvie Style look feels as timeless as our Sylvie sofa itself–combining fresh modern style with vintage charm in a perfectly balanced style.

Get This Look:

  • Welcome guests with an inviting, well-placed throw
  • Coordinate a selection of pillows with throw
  • Add texture with baskets and vintage items

Why Kristen Loves WearProof Slipcovers

“This ‘life proof’ fabric allows our clients to have aesthetic choices in their upholstery without worrying about performance! These fabrics can within stand the test of time, grime and dirt…and even kiddos!”

Erika Ward #MySylvieStyle

Erika Ward’s #MySylvieStyle

Clean, classic & current

First up in our series of features is Erika Ward, whose traditional-meets-modern style provides the perfect setting for Sylvie’s timeless form. “My personal style is classic, timeless, and colorful,” Erika says. “I love including natural elements and antiques in my work. They both have a grounding effect on a room and gives it a sense of comfort and history.” This cozy office sitting area, which highlights the Sylvie sofa as its centerpiece, is an ideal example of Erika’s perfectly balanced style. “When styling with neutral upholstery,” says the designer, “find a piece of art or pillow that quenches your insatiable thirst for color.” Erika chose a bold & brushy abstract piece of art from Leftbank as the backdrop for her sofa, reinforcing this saturated color choice with punchy pillows and vivid fresh florals. The overall palette remains one of warm neutrals–Sylvie comes dressed in a creamy white performance fabric by InsideOut–with a few impactful pops of bright color that speak to Erika’s subtly playful interior design personality.

Flanking Sylvie on either side are a graceful pair of Caracole side tables in a lovely burlwood finish. Adding a wood element to the space keeps the palette neutral, while the striking wood grain creates another layer of texture for the eye to rest on. If the look needs to be slightly less formal, Erika notes, either a bleached wood or reclaimed wood is a nice substitute with a more casual feel. A mismatched pair of rattan chairs from Philips Scott and a natural wood accent on the coffee table help to provide a variety of wood textures & tones.

The Sylvie Sofa is an extremely versatile piece whose clean lines call for a room design that uses a light touch. With so many wood elements surrounding Sylvie at the center, Erika says, “you don’t want to add another wood piece. If you do, you run the risk of making the room feel too heavy.” Instead, she chose to highlight a pair of glass Regina Andrew lamps and a thrifted glass coffee table with a polished nickel frame. With an adjacent window that delivers abundant sunlight, the glass and nickel elements help to bounce the light around the entire room.

Get This Look:

  • Infuse a neutral palette with a jolt of color
  • Add neutral-hued texture by accessorizing with natural woods
  • Finally, lighten things up with reflective accessories

Why Erika Loves InsideOut

“InsideOut performance fabric is essential for any well-appointed room. At Erika Ward Interiors we create designs for modern living, which includes functions like entertaining and relaxation. Stress-free living is also one of our mantras, which includes the ability to truly enjoy your home without fretting over spills or stains. InsideOut fabrics allow you to combine both high style and unparalleled performance.”

Fabric Benefits

Not all Fabrics are Created Equal

Sylvie Bench Cushion Sofa

Sylvie Bench Seat Sofa

Featured In…Inside Out Performance Fabric


Exceeds 50,000 DR

Pill Resistant


Soap & Water

Bleach Cleanable

Stain Resistant

Liquid Resistant


Fade Resistant

Quick Dry

Anti Mildew


Made in USA


PFC Free

Sylvie Slipcover Bench Cushion Sofa

Sylvie Slipcover Bench Seat Sofa

Featured In…WearProof Plus Washable

Stain Resistant


Inherently resist virtually all stains and spills. Treat stains quickly by first blotting the trouble area with a clean damp cloth which in most cases will remove the majority of the stain.

Liquid Repellency


Designed to repel liquids. The occasional spilled glass of juice or coffee will simply bead and puddle up on the surface allowing you to hand blot with a clean cloth.

Durable Construction


This soft and natural cotton fabric was originally created for the bottom of US army tents. Being a sixteen ounces cotton fabric it meet and exceeds Industry standards for durability. The fabric is constructed to meet high wearability standards, combining durable fibers and heavy duty construction.

Durable Construction


Fabric is prewashed and ready for years of comfortable use and cleaning. Your furniture can be as fresh as clean laundry. Please see our cleaning direction for further instructions. Slipcover Care

Durable Construction


Our fabric is grown and produced in the US. It is dyed in the US using food grade dyes then stonewashed for softness. Based on these practices it provides a smaller carbon footprint compared to other fabrics.