Anyone who has spent any time with small children knows the unparalleled joy they bring–a child’s smile can absolutely light up a room….and their sticky fingers and muddy feet can threaten to destroy it! Because we know that life happens, our Kid Proof Furniture program was created with built-in defenses against all the spills, stains and odors that life can dish out. Although it was designed with little ones in mind, our Kid Proof line is loved by many designers and clients who use it in high-traffic spaces completely outside the realm of kids! Who’s using these versatile textiles? Anyone looking for quality performance fabrics that score high on both durability and beauty. Read on for our three main “non-kid” Kid Proof personas!

1. The Entertainer

Got the girls coming over for an evening of wine tasting and laughing on the couch? Prevent spills from becoming stains with liquid-resistant fabric, and you’ll never have to worry about that cabernet becoming permanent. Is your house the official hot spot for football season? Make sure your living room is sporting Kid-Proof fabrics from end to end, and game day wings and nachos will be no match for your waterproof sofa and chairs. If your home is party central, make sure that Kid Proof is your VIP guest of honor!

2. The Fur Parent

They’re just as much your babies as the two-legged variety, but four paws means twice as many muddy footprints on a rainy day! Insulate yourself against accidents and odors with our stain-resistant and pet proof furniture options, and let your furry friends keep their place of honor on the sofa where they belong.

3. The Workout Warrior

Whether you’re training for your next marathon, climbing mountains every weekend, or never miss a chance to hit the gym, you work hard and play harder. Want to keep your living room from smelling like a locker room? Kid Proof textiles are soft and durable performance fabrics that work hard without breaking a sweat. Many of our Kid Proof Furniture options repel liquid and some even resist microbial development, inhibiting odor-causing bacteria to ensure a sweet-smelling space no matter how many miles you’ve just run. Live life without restrictions and never sacrifice style for practicality–you can have it all with Kid Proof!

Pro-Tip! Ask a Designer:

“Whether I’m designing a space for myself or a client, I think not just about what looks great in the moment but what will stand the test of time. Life brings so many joyful but messy moments, and using Crypton means having furniture that evolves with you. For example, last year I did a Crypton-upholstered bed for a friend who already had a houseful of pets, and this year she’s welcoming her first child. Because we used Crypton, her space is already perfect for her growing family!”

Anne Sage, The City Sage

“Crypton fabrics are a no-brainer for anyone who has high-traffic needs. And I can confidently recommend it to my clients because I have firsthand experience with it in my own home. With two boys and a dog, our Crypton-covered furniture has been put to the test with every possible scenario (and I mean absolutely everything), and it really does do what it promises. It’s kidproof, sure–but it’s really lifeproof.”

Rachel Shingleton, Pencil Shavings Studio

Nearly all of Rowe Furniture products can be cu
stomized with Kid Proof performance fabric.
Just look for the Kid Proof logo …
Kid Proof Performance Fabric