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The Many Sides of Madeline Sofa


Take a seat and get to know the Madeline Sofa with us -- we’re about to give you three ways to relax in style with this elegant piece from Robin Bruce. Dressed in lush green velvet, the Madeline’s transitional sofa frame can be glammed up or made casual and comfortable with the right accessories.  Are [...]

The Many Sides of Madeline Sofa2020-11-16T08:54:34-05:00

Madeline Sofa: Sakura Considine Project Reveal


Sophisticated, playful, casual. Which of the “Many Sides of Madeline” speaks to you? Relaxed yet refined, combining sophistication with a playful contemporary style, the Madeline Sofa by Robin Bruce is ready to rise to any occasion. Is your style sophisticated and modern, or easygoing and timeless? For those that yearn for comfort in a transitional [...]

Madeline Sofa: Sakura Considine Project Reveal2020-11-16T08:54:43-05:00