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Top Ways to Show Love for Small Businesses


Life is constantly offering us new and unexpected challenges, but one of the main ways we can rise to meet these challenges is by choosing to nurture our relationships. At Rowe, we are proud to partner with our amazing retailers across the country, and consider each one of them to be a part of our [...]

Top Ways to Show Love for Small Businesses2020-07-09T09:04:36-04:00

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Your Custom Upholstered Sofa


Walk into any living room, and what’s the first thing your eye is magnetically drawn to? A gorgeous sofa is the natural centerpiece of a living space, which makes choosing the right one so important. Rolled arms or bench seat? Pattern or solid? Bright color or soft neutral? With a world of style, fabric and [...]

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Your Custom Upholstered Sofa2020-06-30T09:37:46-04:00

Modern, Transitional, or Casual Style: A Closer Look


When it comes to interior design, there are as many individual styles as there are personalities -- endless possibilities! As a basic rule, however, many of the design aesthetics we’re currently seeing fall into three categories: modern, transitional or casual styles. Wondering which style to select for your Rowe custom furniture? Modern mavens who love [...]

Modern, Transitional, or Casual Style: A Closer Look2020-06-22T12:27:42-04:00

Spotlight on Summer Decor


Attention, summer is coming! Temperatures are heating up, and we can’t wait for the days of bright sunshine, backyard afternoons and cool margaritas just around the corner. Whether you’re headed outdoors or making it a staycation this summer, a little home-style refresh can make your surroundings feel bright and new. We’ve rounded up some of [...]

Spotlight on Summer Decor2020-06-16T10:26:15-04:00

Perfect Palettes for Spring


"Despite the forecast, live like it's spring." Lilly Pulitzer We’re always glad when the weather finally starts to turn up the heat and we can shed our winter layers for the lightness of spring. Does your space need to shed some winter layers as well? Think about throwing the windows open, bringing in fresh greenery [...]

Perfect Palettes for Spring2020-05-11T19:24:01-04:00

Custom Headboards for the Ultimate Bedroom


Few pieces of furniture are more personal than a bed -- after all, it’s where we start every day and end every evening. An ideal way to personalize this space to the fullest is by designing around an upholstered custom headboard, a perfect way to bring individual style into a space. We have multiple frame [...]

Custom Headboards for the Ultimate Bedroom2020-03-27T09:30:18-04:00

The Best Slipcover Sofas… We’ve Got You Covered


They’re high style, versatile, and always fresh….slipcover sofas are having a real moment of glory in 2020. Slipcover sofas were once considered a bit old-fashioned, available only in limited options and rarely in contemporary styles. These days, many of the slipcovers on the market are chic and tailored, allowing sofas to be the superstar of [...]

The Best Slipcover Sofas… We’ve Got You Covered2020-03-23T12:35:20-04:00

A Fresh Start with Stain Resistant Fabrics


A new year is on the horizon! The cozy glow of the holiday season is giving way to the bright potential of January and a fresh start ahead. At Rowe, we’re proud that our handcrafted custom furniture is included as part of your home year after year. As the calendar page flips over to 2020, [...]

A Fresh Start with Stain Resistant Fabrics2020-01-23T01:32:58-05:00

Modern Classics


Ready to mix your furniture style up a bit? We’re taking an updated look at traditional design through a fresh, innovative lens with our latest showroom style, Modern Classics. This trend is for those youthful and sophisticated stylemakers who love the classics but are also looking to make a statement.  If you love the idea [...]

Modern Classics2019-07-26T11:27:03-04:00

Exploring Modern Cottage


Spring is here, who’s ready to head out to the coast? This season, we’re exploring casual elegance with our “Modern Cottage” style, which blends a rustic aesthetic with clean modern design and luxurious details. This look is youthful and relaxed, with a mellow West Coast attitude that’s just right for lightening things up. The overall [...]

Exploring Modern Cottage2019-03-25T15:27:25-04:00