Need to satisfy your sense of global wanderlust in 2019?

The inspiration for our latest look comes from the aesthetic of “tribal glamour” favored by fashionable world travelers everywhere. This season, the Rowe team is embracing a modern organic feeling often glimpsed in our favorite examples of West Coast design, accented by our love of multicultural style.

A curated style that brings together textiles and artifacts from far-flung locales with rich metallics and sophisticated earth tones, Tribal Glamour imagines a well-collected living space with an international vibe. Inspired by the rising popularity of metallics and sheen textures, we’ve added touches of subtle shine to this neo boho lifestyle trend, along with refined, globally-inspired accents. The result? An upscale perspective on global glamour, inspired by natural luxury.

Tribal Glamour Living RoomReady to try out Tribal Glamour? Keep things open and airy, allowing plenty of room for movement and flow. Lay out a space that’s mostly balanced and symmetrical, layering in some clean-lined pieces with a mid-century modern feel such as our Leo Sofa or Boyd Chair, adding a few naturally asymmetrical elements to throw things just a little off-kilter. We love the paired etageres, chairs, sofas and ottomans seen in this space, complemented by slightly mismatched accessories for visual interest. The recent popularity of understated metallics and subtle sheens calls for adding just a hint of shine, along with plenty of refined natural accents that showcase your own sense of global style!

Pro-Tip! 3 Ways to Go Global:

Tribal Glamour Console TableOrganic Style

Natural elements such as live edge, burl or petrified woods add a wild, untamed element to this style. Unusual forms such as rocks, crystals, horn or shell enhance the look of sleek furnishings with their uniquely textured natural beauty.

Eclectic Collections

Woven baskets from Africa, wooden artifacts from Bali, and ceramics from Santorini belong together! Summon your inner traveler with unique objects and piles of soft textiles that reference cultures from around the world, to create a sophisticated “melting pot” style. Find unexpected ways to showcase a particular item or a collection of objects gathered from past travels so that they weave an inviting narrative for all who enter the space.

Glamorous Textures

Pull it all together with high-end finishes such as velvet, bronze, high thread count linens, brushed brass and polished woods, for an elegant look that glows deeply rather than sparkles brightly.

Tribal Glamour Fabric Samples

Pro-Tip! Perfect Palette:

A smooth palette of organic, warm neutrals like sandstone, mink and flint make up the majority of elements in this look, offset by bolder and earthier hues such as lagoon blue, rosewood, pale terracotta, and olive. The overall look is warm and inviting, evoking desert evenings and sunrise hues. All have a modern-yet-timeless feel, with some soft suggestions of midcentury design and an strikingly luxurious quality.

Boyd Chair

Boyd Chair

The Boyd Chair by Robin Bruce is a classic example of midcentury-style proportion and scale, with clean bold lines and generously cushioned seating. For those who love a look that’s mostly minimalist, small finishing touches like a hint of button tufting and a piped edge provide just enough detail.

Leo Sofa

Strong, stylish and supportive, our Leo Sofa is a powerhouse of design. Leo’s modern silhouette makes him a natural choice to anchor our Tribal Glamour style, whether dressed in understated neutrals of sand and stone, or in bold coral or an attention-grabbing print.

Leo Sofa
Gigi Ottoman

Gigi Ottoman 

Gigi’s round shape makes her an eye-catching addition to any space (especially when placed as a pair), so she’s the ideal place to go a little wild with a statement print. Capture the essence of a pilgrimage to India, Indonesia or Ibiza using Gigi as a blank canvas for the perfect globally-inspired textile.