When it comes to eco-friendly design, we believe…“It’s a Lifestyle.” Our surroundings can influence our state of mind and body to almost the same extent as the food we eat and the air we breathe. In keeping with that philosophy and our sustainability-driven EcoRowe initiative, we designed our Robin Bruce Boden Sofa with wellness in mind. Need to unwind? For those searching for a soothing remedy to the rushed modern lifestyle, Boden delivers relaxed, organic elegance in a perfectly tailored performance fabric that suits every style. The choice is yours, upholstered elegance or a versatile slipcover, which, like so many of our Rowe offerings, can be customized with fabric, details and more to create a look that’s truly your own. We partnered with award-winning Michigan-based designer Jean Stoffer to see her interpretation of our Boden Sofa’s style, in a chic vintage-inspired space that showcases the sofa’s timeless appeal.

Jean’s signature elegant and approachable style keeps one eye firmly on tradition and one on the future. “I would describe my design aesthetic as classic with a modern twist,” says the designer, who also loves to incorporate pieces of art for a warm and personal touch. Her spacious combined living & dining space combines a traditional paneled ceiling with vintage brick and a marble checkerboard floor, with walls and ceiling painted a deep, dramatic green-tinged black hue. Large airy windows and plenty of greenery lighten the space considerably, giving it a modern conservatory feel and making our Boden Sofa stand out like a brilliant sunbeam in creamy upholstered white. “I love the lines of the sofa,” says Jean, adding, “they are classic and modern at the same time, which is a perfect fit for our aesthetic.” Retro brass fittings and turned wood details are balanced by Boden’s contemporary silhouette, as well as modern accessories and a striking, Deco-inspired bamboo coffee table. “[Boden’s] white upholstery and cerused oak leg was the perfect counterpoint,” says the designer.

Photography by Stoffer Photography Interiors

Our Breathe with Boden partnership with Jean is an ideal style pairing, similar to the perfect fit we discovered in our partnership with the creator of our luxurious performance fabric offerings. Breathe by Milliken® is a collection of uniquely eco-elegant performance fabrics, sustainably designed using plant-based or recycled fibers that are naturally liquid repellant and durable. When designing for a wide variety of lifestyles, Jean finds performance fabrics to be an excellent option for many of her projects. “Most of our clients’ lifestyles are such that they must have fabrics that they aren’t stressed about using,” says the designer, who is “so pleased that there are finally excellent choices available!” Jean’s clients want their families and friends to feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease in their homes, while “at the same time, they want beauty.” Breathe fabrics offer pre-shrunk softness and practicality in a sophisticated, nature-inspired palette. Combined with Boden’s chic and comfortable feel, the result is an inspiring piece of furniture that’s green inside and out. 

Boden SofaBoden Sofa

Pro-Tip: How Jean Designs with Wellness in Mind

  • I love to make the best use of natural light in a space. I like minimal window treatments and positioning work areas and furnishings in places to take the most advantage of available light. Making the outdoors accessible from as many rooms as possible is also important.
  • We bring live plants into the rooms we design. They make a space feel calm and organic and improve its air quality.
  • We love using fabrics that are comfortable, soft and feel very natural to the touch. It brings a cozy and livable feeling to the room.

“My husband and I will use this space almost daily. It is filled with natural light, plants, and has a door to the outdoors!”

Jean’s Top 3 Things to Love About Sustainability

  • It respects limited resources.
  • It encourages purchasing for the long run, and selecting a quality and classic design over fads. It removes the disposable philosophy.
  • It embraces quality of life-enhancing ideas like eating on real dishes instead of paper plates, and cooking at home instead of having meals on the run.

Why Jean Loves Rowe

We have loved working with Rowe! We have found such beautiful designs, great fabric choices and excellent customer service. We are adding several pieces to our home furnishing line at Jean Stoffer Design’s home furnishing store, Stoffer Home, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Quality materials are so essential to a successful design. 

Designed with Wellness in Mind — Get the Feeling!